Day 2: Sight-seeing in Istanbul

After a copious meal in Beshiktas, at an old man’s restaurant (who reminded too much of the soup Nazi), we headed to Sultanahmet area. The queues were unbelievable, so we headed to The Grand Bazaar, The Egyptian Bazaar (my favorite!), and then to Dolmabahce. There, Rabih was attacked by a fierce dog that tore his shorts, and that I heroically chased away. Phew, once again I saved the day.


After walking around in Ortakoy, and a nice Kokoreçe lunch, we freshened up and Zeinab and I headed to Mikla, voted the best restaurant in Istanbul. We had a 7-course-meal, where each course was better than the one before, met the loveliest Norwegian couple, and laughed for 3 straight hours, while the boys watched the Bayern vs Chelsea game.

After that we met up and danced the night away at Aperetivo, where the The Bayern/Chelsea match still Haunted us 🙂


3 thoughts on “Day 2: Sight-seeing in Istanbul

    CAN’T WAIT FOR THE REST!!! let’s meet tonight the three of us and go over the pics!

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