Day 4: To Karadeniz

We left Istanbul through Sabiha Gokcen airport early in the morning. We landed in Trabzon after an hour 45 min flight. Then we took the bus to Pazar, and from there we took the minibus to çamlıhemşin. The minibus ride was an adventure on its own. Men and women from the village started shouting and cursing, objecting to the amount of luggage we had. We just replied: No Turkish 🙂

We arrived at the breathtaking çamlıhemşin towards the afternoon. Moyy miniotel ( was more than a compensation for our troubles. The 2 sweet ladies that owned this mini hotel greeted us with an unbelievable meal. Then one of the ladies drove us to a far point in the village suburbs, between the mountains and we came back walking. No need to say it rained cats and dogs; actually a specific dog called: PASHA.

Pasha walked with us all the way back to Moyy, to make sure we arrived safe and sound. Some theories say that he was sent by the owner to show us the way. It’s debatable…


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