Day 5: The Fern forest

We woke up in Moyy mini hotel to the most colorful breakfast. It was almost too beautiful to be eaten! Then Uğur Biryol, our guide, met us and drove us to the starting point of our hike. And there, and to our surprise, we discovered what moyy meant. Moyys are tiny wild strawberries (the size of a pea!) but has the concentrated taste of a fully grown ripe strawberry.

We passed through fern forests (fougères) that looked like something out of King Kong movie. We passed by the river, old houses, tea plantations and met the most theatrical characters. And then, it was lunchtime… We stopped at a house where the owners, a young married couple and the wife’s parents, served us mushroom and lentil soup, mushroom pizza, omelet and bean stew. And no good meal in Turkey is ever over without our friend: the çay.

The hike continued with a slower pace; a pace dictated by the home grown shitakee mushroom pizza, and the sudden narrowness and steepness of the path. As much as it sounds fun now, our lives were at stake! And the 3o22es didn’t help 😦

The day ended with herbal tea (thyme, melissa, ginger and few other herbs we didn’t get), chocolate brownies and a warm comforting dinner.


5 thoughts on “Day 5: The Fern forest

  1. Let’s baptize the companions of this trip!!:

    La Manal: the camera woman!
    Le Quarter: the planner!
    Le Houss: the mood maker!
    La BuBa: the spokeswoman!

    What do you think?!

  2. Great pix, great commentary, amazing day!
    Buba, if spokeswoman translates to 7akwanjiyyeh (since we hardly got a chance to talk even to the locals who spoke english) then yep i agree! 🙂
    Man2oucheh, out of interest, how many tongue pix do i have? if still a few, im thinking maybe i should see a doc?

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