Day 8: Sinop, the bluest black

We left Unye by bus, heading to Sinop, and changed buses at Samsun.; reaching our destination at night. We freshened up, and directly hit the road. We walked to the town, since Sinop is actually a semi-island, and our hotel was at the tip, around 7 or 8 km away from the town. We had fish for dinner, cooked the Karadeniz way. We discovered many new tastes with familiar ingredients. It was one of the most delicious and simple dinners we’ve had on this trip.

That morning in Sinop, we missed 2 things, my camera, which had problems with the memory card reader, and an essential member of the fellowship of the ring. Rabih, or otherwise known as 7arkoush decided to ytanneshna, and head to London for “work”; but we actually never saw any contracts to prove this claim. Investigations are still being carried as we speak.

Yet, life goes on, new memory cards can be bought, and new fellowships made, like our new found friend: Erdogan. He drove us to town, offered us coffee and took us to the top of the hill that looked over all Sinop.

Then we hit the museums, the Ethnographic museum, and the Archeological museum. Then the old Madrassa, which became a small artisan souk. We visited the old town prison, the statue of Diogenes, and the one of the towers of the surrounding walls of the city. There we met 2 friendly guys, and one of them was, still to be proven, a coffee cup reader. The day ended with a walk by the sea, and a bus ride to Safranbolu, w safranna la ben ma wselna!


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