Day 9: And then there was Safranbolu

The fellowship is now down to 3.

But Safranbolu, the old Ottoman city that we had reached the night before is a satisfying compensation. A Unesco, world heritage sight, it’s a beautiful village that only has old, restored Ottoman houses.

We stayed at the Kahveciler Konagi, an old Ottoman building, amazingly decorated in a traditional way, and with the friendliest staff. We walked around the town, tasted 50 different brands of loukoum from 50 different shops, some with Saffron (d’òu the town’s name) and some with findik (hazelnuts). We visited 2 museums, at both ends of Safranbolu, each standing tall on a hill, with the town in between.

We also climbed the clock tower and waited for the bell to ring (Zeinab thought it was done manually 🙂 ) then hit the HAMMAM! and had a Hammam men ka3b el dist!

The night ended at the local pub, where we watched a drag queen dressed in a man’s clothes singing and dancing and cheering his fans. YES. He had quite few of them!

And then off to our hotel and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!


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