Eindhoven meets Amserdam (part 2)

My trip to Eindhoven revolved around the Dutch Design Week, a yearly event that takes place in this calm city. While it was very difficult for me to get around at first, with absolutely no bus signage, the bus breaking down and the landlady where I rented a room totally vanishing, soon things took a much smoother turn.

I met up with my new friend Niels, and my newer friend Saskia from Bremen. 15 minutes after, and I have absolutely no idea how, I find myself in the middle of a portfolio day, giving interviews to great Dutch photographers, eager to hear what the “Lebanese”, from the other side of the world, has to say 🙂

I have submitted an article to Arab Ad, talking about my experience at DDW. You can read it hereafter.

Gather up your courage and enter
Dutch Design Week 2012

Under the slogan “Get inspired. Get connected. Get ready.” the Dutch Design Week (DDW) took place from October 22nd until October 28th, 2012, in the Southern Dutch city of Eindhoven. The DDW is a forum for designers to display their thrilling work, mind-blowing inventions and extraordinary ideas.
The event’s 11th edition offers a dazzling “insight into the near future” of design, where borders between different design fields on one hand, and science, technology, art, food and sociology on the other, are blurred.

It showcases the work of more than 1800 designers. They are a mix of industrial, spatial, graphic, textiles, and sustainable designers that are leaders in design management & trends. The event was spread over the whole city in 82 different locations, with only creativity, innovation and insightfulness in common.

Dutch Design Week is not about beautiful logos, flawless typography and colorful posters. It is about pushing boundaries, fusing design with science, and using technology as a
medium and art as a platform.

The controversial Nano Supermarket (www.nanosupermarket.org) is a great example. It gives us a quick peak into the near future and the designed inventions that await us. All designs are based on Nano technology, a field of science that manipulates structure on an atomic or molecular level. Some examples are a belt that burns body fat and turns it into energy, or programmable wine, that allows you to have different kinds of wine depending on the duration you microwave it for, to dog food that allows your dog’s poop to glow in the dark, making it easier to pick up at night.

Marije Vogelzang, and her “Faked meat” project, invents animals and cooks their meat, as a response to the meat substitutes offered in supermarkets. The outcome of her sessions are made up dishes, with made up recipes of made up animals, which look so real that they would tempt any epicurean.

“Street Food Lighting”, injects life, light and a feeling of safety into the darker streets of Eindhoven, by projecting in its isolated alleys, footage of well-lit street food kiosks shot in third world countries.

Fresh graduates, well-established designers and world-renowned artists, all find their space at this inspiring forum of creativity and innovation. While it might seem a bit futuristic, out of reach, and far from what our “Lebanese clients want”, the DDW is definitely a mind-opener and a revealing window of where the world of design is heading. Enjoy it in detail at http://www.ddw.nl


Eindhoven meets Amserdam (part 1)

Far from Karadeniz, where this blog started, I took a trip during October 2012, to Eindhoven, Amsterdam, and …
I won’t be following a chronological order this time, I won’t have a detailed journey, no maps or links. Just highlights spotted by my new 650D (excuse my ISO).
Starting with a lovely day spent at the Artis Royal Zoo, followed by some shots from the Stedelijk Modern Art Museum.

Most of my trip was spent behind my viewfinder. Not such a bad place to be…